Lights, Camera, MACtion


Javier Hernandez

The “Indian Mesmerizers” finishing off their performance.

MAC Night — short for Multicultural Night — is back at Chico State, thanks to The Associated Students and their hard work.

It’s a night where Chico State celebrates the different cultures and traditions of its students.

It is a yearly tradition at Chico State but was canceled last year because of COVID-19. It made it’s anticipated return to Chico this year.

To celebrate, students perform dances, read poetry, sing, rap and much more.

Chico State students and MCs Juawon Anderson and Jennifer Mendoza started off the night and set the tone. They got the crowd settled in and did a nice job of presenting the performers to the crowd.

MAC night’s MCs; from left to right Jennifer Mendoza and Juawon Anderson.

Diverse groups of performers ready to step on the stage, all with a different message. 

One of the groups performing was Michael Elias and his band. 

Michael Elias and his performance band rocking out at MAC night

Elias mentioned that the goal of his music is to help people take a look at themselves without bias.

“In my songs I like to give an introspective look on life,” Elias said, ”which hopefully allows people to reflect on their own lives for the betterment of society.”

Elias also said he was grateful for the opportunity to perform during MAC Night and mentioned how it never gets old performing in front of crowds. 

The night was full of cultural performances as well, featuring a variety of multicultural based fraternities and sororities. 

The two that performed were Upsilon Kappa Delta, a multicultural sorority, and Eta Mu Theta, a Hmong multicultural fraternity.

President of Ema Mu Theta and Chico State student Steve Vilca emphasized how his fraternity wants people to know them for their openness and inclusiveness. 

This allows for them to celebrate diversity, which is the overlaying message his fraternity wants Chico State students to leave with.

“We want to be involved in these events,” Vilca said, “just to spread awareness that there are opportunities for students to engage in multicultural groups.”.

There were also great solo performances from Kanae Arcangel, Yosh, and Ea$y Cash.

Archangel performed one of his original songs while playing the guitar. Yash conducted an impressive drum solo and Cash sang his heart out with relatable topics such as the importance of mothers and loving oneself.

The final closing act was performed by the Envy Hip Hop Team

A team who is all about inclusivity and diversity, Envy produced some spectacular original hip-hop during their time on stage.

“The best part of it is being on stage and performing in front of a Chico State crowd,” said Monique Miley, president of the Envy Hip Hop Team.

Public Relation handler Skylar Trostinsky said the team was nervous, however they have been working to perfect their routine.

“We are going to show Chico State what we’ve got,” Trostinsky said.

Envy closing MAC night with their original hip-hop choreography.

Diverse cultures and traditions took over the spotlight while the audience indulged in vibrant colors and lively performances. 

No better way to celebrate all the unique cultures that lay within Chico State and its students.
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