Male jogger rudely awaking Whitney Hall residents

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Feb. 18

Chico Police:

7:25 a.m: Auto theft on Esplanade. “Subject just left, northbound on Esplanade. Female driver with blonde hair. Vehicle taken while it was running, warming up in the parking lot. Officers advised. Vehicle has both plates. ‘Crying angel with cross’ on the back window. Large sticker in back only identifier. Reporting party calling back, reporting female is in his car. Says she is southbound on Esplanade from the road that leads to the freeway. Reporting party is unable to pinpoint a location that she was seen. Reporting party calling back for mom, they have video footage of incident. Shows video of small white pickup show up and female exited vehicle. Reporting party did witness vehicle again around 8:25 a.m. southbound no Esplanade, white female American, blonde shoulder length hair in ponytail, appeared to have small frame.”

5:28 p.m: Missing juvenile from Chico Junior High School. “Reporting party’s 12 year old son was upset over a verbal dispute with mom and left the after school program 30 minutes ago and reporting party has been unable to find him. Juvenile has never run away before. Friends/teachers are also unable to locate juvenile. No one is at home in case juvenile shows up, but juvenile never walks home. No nearby friends houses to go to. Per staff, juvenile last seen walking towards the gym, then unknown destination. Reporting party is going to be en route home to double check. Reporting party request contact on Quista. Reporting party called back to report son is home now, he had walked home from school.”

University Police:

7:04 a.m: Verbal disturbance outside of Whitney Hall. “Male jogger dressed in white. Ran by Whitney and yelled trying to wake residents up, ongoing problem.”

3:43 p.m: Grand theft in Tehama Hall. “Faculty office left unlocked. Macbook Pro taken, occurred yesterday at approximately 11:30 a.m. Belonged to School of Education.”

6:41 p.m: Suspicious circumstances on Warner St. “Occurred in past 15-20 minutes. Reporting party walking home, unknown subject followed reporting party from campus in vehicle. Occurred off campus, W 2nd St/Cedar St area. Hispanic male American, black tank top, short stubble hair. 20-30 years of age. Vehicle passed reporting party several times. Information taken, refer to Chico Police Department for further assistance.”