Police Blotter – Feb.11 – 16

Blotter Image.jpg
Chico Police:

Tuesday, 9:20 p.m.: Subject disturbance reported at Taco
Bell. “Female in front of the business harassing customers. Subject
has her pants down around her ankles and continues to get into verbal
disturbances with staff about leaving. Female left. Female contacted
at Thrifty Bargain and was told to move along.”

Wednesday, 10:02 a.m.: Subject disturbance reported on Manzanita
Avenue. “Subject above reporting party has been evicted, is holding
reporting party and spouse responsible, has now started flooding his
bathroom, water coming into reporting party’s bathroom through the
exhaust fan. Subject also stomping around house being loud. Both
parties counseled. No further attention.”

Thursday, 10:23 a.m.: Drunk in public at Jesus Center. “Group of
subjects. Male hitting female and female swinging purse at him. Jesus
Center clients, about 5 subjects outside. Landline with female victim,
who says her mother’s ex-boyfriend punched her. Male subject ran
northbound toward 12th, then eastbound on 12th. Unit will search area.
Subject out on bike, 12th/Pine St. Wrong subject. Subject was
identified and Jesus Center requested him. Victim was on battery, is
refusing prosecution. Subject arrested for lewd conduct. Subject
advised from Jesus Center.”

Friday, 11:16 p.m.: Disturbed subject on the 2500 block of the
Esplanade. “Female in front of Boot Barn trying to stab people with a
needle. Last seen near the SaveMart sign. Appears female has placed
the needle in her backpack.”

Sunday, 12:59 p.m.: Disturbed subject on the 3000 block of Boston
Drive. “Transient female walked up on the reporting party’s front lawn
and started yelling ‘Which way!, Where do I go?!’ No one else was
around the female. Female seemed (drunk). She was picking her nose and
sucking her fingers.”

University Police:

Wednesday, 11:13 a.m.: Battery near Student Health Center. “Subject
riding his bike last night on bike path at Esplanade and Cohassett.
Unknown subject pushed him off the bike, being seen at SHC walk-in
clinic for injuries. Options provided. Victim requests no further

Wednesday, 7:26 a.m.: Verbal disturbance at Whitney Hall. “Mother
called advising her daughter is a freshman in Whitney who sent her an
email for three weeks in a row, a male stands outside the Whitney
dorms at approximately 7 a.m. and yells until he wakes some of the
residents up, reporting party was asked to have her daughter call
University Police Department to provide some specific details.”

Thursday, 10:01 p.m.: Suspicious subject on the third floor of Meriam
Library. “White male adult in women’s single stall possibly smoking
and drinking. Sergeant advising one subject detained. Subject moved
off campus.”

Saturday, 8:42 p.m.: Bike complaint on the corner of Second and Hazel
streets. “Advising about 10 subjects on BMX bikes doing ‘tricks’ on
campus. Advising they verbally were harassing him and cursed at him
when they saw him.”

Sunday, 3:40 p.m.: Theft from the 700 block of West Fifth Street.
“Greek letters stolen last night off the front of the house. (Between
2 a.m. and 6 a.m.) Backwards ‘E’ symbol. ‘Sigma’ taken, value $300.”

Sunday, 8:51 p.m.: Suspicious circumstances around the O’Connell
Technology Center and Langdon Hall. “Occurred past three to five
minutes. Possible graffiti. Reporting party heard spray can type
noises. Two white male adults by bench. One subject 5’3″, baggy blue
hoodie, pants, second subject taller, black beanie cap, army jacket.”

— compiled by Nathan Lehmann, Madison Holmes and Nicholas Carr