Drunk man takes imaginary firefight to Empire Coffee

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Feb. 20

Chico Police:

6:23 a.m.: Suspicious subject on Lombard Ln. “Unknown subject is in reporting party’s vehicle, reporting party believes subject was sleeping in it. Subject is now out of the vehicle and at reporting party’s front door. Subject just asked reporting party for a beer. Subject walking down Lombard southbound towards White Ave. Reporting party’s vehicle was not locked, but is halfway down reporting party’s driveway as if it rolled. Reporting party does not believe anything was taken and subject did not have anything in his hands. Subject is Hispanic male American, shaved head, gray shirt. Subject searched, has been drinking, no further action.”

10:00 a.m.: Suspicious activity at Therepeutic Solutions on Esplanade. “Subject came in and stated he was going to put a pipe bomb on the building after he found out that was where a doctor works. Front building where the doctor has been notified. No known vehicle. Subject didn’t appear under the influence. When subject left, he walked behind the building towards the back, a grind coffee shop is there. Occurred about 20 minutes ago now. Subject entered and gave a quick statement, nobody recognized him, they have a still photo that they will research.”

10:02 a.m.: Drunk in public at Empire Coffee on Orange St. “Male subject entered business and stated he was assaulted, told everyone he did not have his gun and someone was trying to shoot him. Told everyone to get down, then exited the business. Now walking towards 5th St. Subject mentioned being assaulted and said something about his hand, unknown. Second reporting party stating subject last seen heading eastbound from 5th/Chestnut. States he was yelling and karate chopping the air.”

University Police:

1:26 a.m.: Subject stopped in Hazel parking lot. “Officer has one subject detained. Advising subject had a flashlight. Subject was wandering around in parking lot with a flashlight and appeared to be looking into vehicles. Officer advising that no vehicles appeared to have been tampered with. Subject had been detained, and has since been released and moved along.”

8:36 a.m.: Suspicious subject in Meriam Library Breezeway. “Male subject, hostile with staff. Subject was also at the bookstore, wanted the cashier to buy him coffee, started removing clothing. Subject wearing hat, black shirt and no undershirt and green cargo tactical pants. Subject was trying to sneak up on staff when units arrived. Butte County Jail contacted and will be emailing current booking photo. Subject has been booked several times within the past few days. Most recently for lewd conduct this morning. Subject also advised officers he carries handcuff key. Chico Police Department is out with subject at Empire Coffee who was displaying bizarre behavior. Screaming at employee/costumers. Subject was taken for lewd conduct by CPD.”