AS Elections: Katie Chai runs for commissioner of legislative affairs  


Katie Chai, a political science legal studies major in her third year of college, is running for commissioner of legislative affairs in the 2023 Associated Students general election.

Chai fell in love with Chico State after she and her mom toured the campus in fall 2019.

“I saw how excellent the political science department is and how many opportunities there are at Chico,” Chai said.

While touring the Chico State campus, Chai discovered the Community Legal Information Clinic table, a free legal information clinic. She toured the CLIC office that same day and immediately knew she wanted to become a Wildcat. She’s been a part of CLIC for the past three semesters, and is now a paralegal intern with the organization.

Chai is involved in other groups on campus as well, she is the president of the Pre-Law Society and vice president of programming for Chico State Panhellenic. 

Last year Chai played an active role within the AS as the senator for the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences. If elected as the commissioner of legislative affairs, Chai plans to hold events to help empower students to register to vote and exercise their right as citizens of the U.S.

She believes the next two years of this position are critical to Chico State. The country is heading into the federal presidential election, with candidates announcing their intent to run and beginning to campaign across the nation.

“The Commissioner of Legislative Affairs needs to keep the campus updated throughout this upcoming election,” Chai said.

Chai is passionate about informing students on matters that could pertain to them both in the present and the future. She wants to do her best to make sure students are informed and understand legislation that affects them as citizens and campus issues that concern them as a student.

Her favorite class at Chico State so far is the legal clinic practicum, which is offered as an internship through CLIC. 

Chai was previously in the Women’s Law Department for a year and in spring 2023 she transferred to the Housing Law Department.

CLIC has given Chai hands-on experience with people who need free legal information and has learned relevant information about California law. This has prepared her to serve as commissioner of legislative affairs and also a future career in California Law.

“This internship has prepared me for life and my future career,” Chai said.

The commissioner of legislative affairs is responsible for establishing contact with representatives to convey student concerns and obtain information on relevant legislative issues. To learn more about the duties ascribed to this position, click here.

Chai is the only candidate for the commissioner of legislative affairs position. 

Voting will begin on April 4 at 8 a.m. and will end at 8 a.m. on April 5.

For more information on the AS general elections, click here

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