Man stabbed with scissors on Rio Lindo Avenue

Blotter Image.jpg

March 1

Chico Police:

9:44 a.m.: Stabbing on Rio Lindo Ave. “Victim in Aegis Medical Services Clinic lobby. Suspect was running towards Enloe Prompt Care, on phone with reporting party’s husband. Has the knife in a jacket. Suspect just jumped the fence to Prompt Care. Reporting party ran toward the front of the prompt care and headed toward Country Waffle. Weapon is a pair of scissors in gray jacket on the ground. Subject last seen towards Cohasset. Subject stashed jacket in front of Prompt care.”

10:06 p.m.: Negligent Discharge of firearm on West 4th Ave. “Gun shot just occurred in apartment, no one hurt. The man who fired the shot just went out the front door. Reporting party says they don’t recognize or know where subject is. Shot went through the wall several times. Other roommate says she met the subject earlier tonight. Nobody was in the room with male when gun went off. Officers with subject on bike path.”

University Police:

12:57 p.m.: Suspicious circumstances in greenhouse near Physical Sciences building. “One male and possibly more are in or about the greenhouse. Subjects gone on arrival, no further action. Work order sent to have lock serviced.”

7:19 p.m.: Vehicle towed on Palmetto/ Mangrove. “Driver was cited and is opting to remain on scene until tow truck arrives. Driver was cited and vehicle was towed. Driver asked for both officers’ names on scene and advised them his father who works in law enforcement would see them.”