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Free Chico Cemetery tour a hidden local gem

Free Chico Cemetery tour a hidden local gem

Christina Cahill

October 30, 2019

Anyone who has spent time in Chico has probably driven past the cemetery on Mangrove Avenue. There’s a giant, real WWII-era torpedo marking its entrance, with majestic, ancient-looking trees spread throughout the grounds and unique headstones speckling the meticulously-maintained grass. However, fe...

Judging people from the past: a brief discussion

Credit: Foundation for Economic Education

Reed Mccoy

April 26, 2019

Judging the people of past times is a difficult task. The societies of their times almost always have drastically different standards than the ones that we have. Some people we judge are from eras in which murder and slavery were not only commonplace, but also considered necessary. When reading about the...

History is neglected in American public schools

Credit: The Atlantic

Reed Mccoy

April 13, 2019

History is an exciting thing if you take a college course about it.Understanding and learning history is one of the core tenants of the American public school system. However, it is also one of the most reviled school subjects, along with math.Most people don't like history until college. Understandabl...

OJ Simpson, Snoop Dogg and the history of football in hollywood

Since the birth of the film industry and football in Los Angeles, there has always been a relationship between the two forms of entertainment. Photo credit: George Johnston

George Johnston

August 29, 2016

While Howard Hawks began production on "The Big Sleep" in 1946, The Cleveland Rams were making their way West. After several threats to terminate his relationship with the NFL, Rams owner Dan Reeves got his wish to move his team from what would later be called the rock ‘n roll capital of th...

College degrees are just a stamp

Photo credit: Helen Suh

February 1, 2016

Would you allow someone without a college degree to perform your major brain surgery?Consider this: the only skills in the brain surgery career path currently unlearnable outside the academic space are sensitivity to death and real practice on cadavers. Both are necessities, as intimate neurosurgical knowledge...

Clinton presidency could galvanize millennial generation

Clinton presidency could galvanize millennial generation

Sophia Xepoleas

April 28, 2015

Twenty bucks says Hillary Clinton wins the 2016 presidential election just because she’s a woman, but ends up marking a significant turning point in America’s history. Before deciding I’m just another overly opinionated feminist who lacks academic merit, let me explain the reasoning beh...

A timeline of Chico State’s presidents

A timeline of Chico State's presidents

Claire Martinez

March 30, 2015

Claire Martinez can be reached at [email protected] or @clairelmartinez_ on Twitter....

Eye on tech: the evolution of watches

Kevin Crittenden

March 25, 2014

Nobody who owns a cell phone needs a watch.So why are they still around? What is the story of watches?Dangling from the pocket by a gold chain, early watches were unreliable devices for time telling but nonetheless shiny and, therefore, attractive.They started as clumsy machines that could only tell r...

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