The Orion

KLEZ talks influences, inspiration and recent Swedish tour

Klez album art

Alejandra Solorio

October 11, 2017

Through tightly gripped hands, John Klezmer firmly grasps the handle of his guitar case. His untimely appearance with guitar in hand and belongings secured in a backpack almost carries the same amount of weight as the stories he's carried with him. From Chico to Sweden and back, this is the story of...

‘The Bullshit Queen’ shows her inspiration

Masloski performing at an ACLU/Planned Parenthood benefit concert

Anisha Brady

March 9, 2017

Brittany Masloski likes to sing. She also likes to travel and raise pigs. Her unshackled persona and drive for spontaneity truly sets her apart from other musicians. “I think I’m going to try this whole starving artist thing,” Masloski said. “Fame doesn’t really appeal t...

Local record label, singer-songwriter team up

Brittany Masloski (left) and John Klezmer (right) sing at The Bear for the record release party. Photo credit: Matthew Manfredi

Matthew Manfredi

May 11, 2016

Last Thursday the upstairs poolroom of The Bear was packed as people crowded for the record release party put on by SOTA, Chico State’s School of the Arts. Closing the event, the evening’s headliner, KLEZ put on a set with his backing band playing smooth and soulful rhythms and harmonies...

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