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Budget concerns a major topic at presidential address

Chico State President Gayle E Hutchinson spoke about budget concerns at The State of the University Address meeting on Monday. Photo credit: Tisha Cheney

Tisha Cheney

February 5, 2018

President Gayle E. Hutchinson called for action in an address to faculty and board members Monday.Hutchinson voiced concerns at the yearly State of the University Address held in Harlen Adams Theatre at 3 p.m. A major topic discussed was the recent reduction to the school budget.Due to reduced state...

President Gayle Hutchinson boosts morale at Fall Convocation

President Gayle Hutchinson delivers her convocation speech on Aug. 18.

Molly Sullivan

August 20, 2016

President Gayle Hutchinson was greeted by applause and high-fives as she entered Laxson Auditorium on Thursday to deliver her inaugural fall convocation speech. In her speech, Hutchinson emphasized the importance of transparency and shared governance in her administration. Hutchinson spoke to a...

Speech stresses long-term wellness

Julianna Eveland

November 7, 2014

Commencement speeches can be some of the most inspirational speeches out there. It makes me yearn for the day I'll sit in those fold up chairs, listening diligently to the words of the chosen speaker to leave my graduating class with words of motivation and hope. But there's one commencement speech ...

English’s strangest speech trends

Zachary Phillips

February 19, 2014

  The English language is full of bizarre trends that are better off forgotten. Whether it was an ecstatic "Booya!" after scoring a soccer goal, or ending an argument with the ever-sassy "Talk to the hand," English speakers have had their fair share of dark days in regards to speech trends. ...

Slower speech for the sake of smart.

Zachary Phillips

January 30, 2014

When I think of my generation, I think of fear. The fear of awkward silences is what comes to mind, specifically. It paralyzes today’s youth from making phone calls, forcing them to resort to text messaging. It makes them feel the constant need to "do something" whilst hanging out with a fri...

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