‘Abando,’ ‘Traphouse’ demolished


A construction team finished a week-long demolition of the 620 and 632 La Vista St. houses Jan. 13.

The final cleaning of North Campus’ resident derelict is on track this week.

The boarded-up houses at 620 and 632 La Vista Streets have stood empty for several years, and Mechoopda and Esken Hall residents have frequently trespassed since their condemnation. 620 La Vista St., in particular, earned nicknames like the “Abando” and “Traphouse,” due to its destitute appearance.

The buildings’ destructions are part of an ongoing Chico State endeavor.

“The University’s been purchasing houses as the homeowners sell them,” said Mike Bates, assistant director for capital projects at University Housing and Food Service. It’s part of Chico State’s master plan, last publicly advertised in 2005, with discussion for new parking or residency structures at collapsed houses.

The demolition comes at a time of convenience. Since the Housing department does not rent houses and the residences are usually bought in poor condition, it’s only a matter of time before their deconstruction.

Last year, three houses on the corner of West Sacramento Street were also toppled. Bates also adds that their collapse is to deter transient activity, as students, homeless and other varieties often enter the private property.

An anonymous student from Mechoopda Hall reminisced on the foregone structure, saying “The Traphouse was tight, yo.”

There is no time frame for new construction.

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