Humans of Chico State: Friday afternoons

How are you spending your Friday afternoon on campus?

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“I’m on the women’s Ultimate Frisbee team. We practice three times a week and do tournaments around California. We play a lot of Frisbee, and there’s actually strategy and a way to play. It’s pretty competitive. We’re a pretty competitive team. We train pretty hard, but it’s a lot of fun. The women’s team is still building; we’re getting better each year.” —Marié Weverka, junior anthropology major

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“We have ‘Feminist Friday’ every other Friday starting this week. It’s essentially an opportunity to engage with the campus and greater community on feminist-theme issues. This is our first installment, called Justice Jeopardy, and often times within the mainstream, feminism can be non-accessible to trans people and exclusive to white women, and not racial justice-oriented. We really wanted to combat that, that’s why we’re playing Justice Jeopardy.”—Desiree Stevens, senior sociology major

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