Proceeds from Red-top meters going to closing shelter


All proceeds from the Red-top meters in downtown Chico go to help charity causes. Photo credit: George Johnston

On Tuesday night, Chico City Council decided to donate all money collected from the Red-top meters to the Torres shelter.

Since being installed last November, the Red-top meters all over downtown Chico have raised $277.

Chico City Council originally planned to split the proceeds evenly between the Torres Shelter, the Jesus Center and the Stairways Empowered Living. But due to the Torres Shelter facing a potential closure, the city council chose to give the shelter all the proceds collected thus far.

“I like that I am aware of what my donation money is being spent on, and it’s good to know that my money is going to an entire organization rather than just one person,” said Payton Hurley, a sophomore biology major.

There are six different Red-top meters located the on corners between W. 4th Street and W. 1st Street. More information regarding the Red-top meters can be found at

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