More homeless on streets due to largest shelter closing


With the Torres Shelter closing soon, many homeless individuals will have one less place to sleep at night. Photo courtesy of Torres Community Shelter


The Torres Shelter for the homeless will be closing its doors due to a lack of financial resources. The staff and management are working to prolong operations for another six to eight weeks and have described this situation as a, “perfect storm of financial hits.”

“The shelter closing is going to hurt a lot of people out here,” said Luis Cruz, a local homeless man, “I’ve been out here and I know it’s going to get worse.”

Torres started helping the Chico community in 1998 and now is the largest emergency shelter in the area. In 2015 Torres provided safe housing for over 700 people including 54 families.

If Torres Shelter goes through with closing, transients will have to use other shelters like the Jesus Center and The Salvation Army.

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