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Halloween crime rates lower than last year

November 3, 2016

More treats than tricks this Halloween with lower crime rates reported by Chico Police Department.

Fifty-three arrest were made this Halloween 2016. In comparison, 58 were made in 2015 and over 41 in 2014, according to a Chico Police Department press release.

Most arrests made this year were local non-students and CSU students. Friday and Saturday nights were active with large crowds in the south campus area of Chico.

Vu Nguyen, Associated Students Executive Vice President Photo credit: Molly Sullivan

Vu Nguyen, Associated Students Executive Vice President Photo credit: Molly Sullivan

Associated Students Executive Vice President Vu Nguyen commented on previous student deaths during this traditionally hectic weekend.

“When we have situations like that we needed to address those situations, when those tragedies occur what can we do as a community to come together to make sure that these things don’t happen,” Nguyen said. ”With these events that have happened it’s a really clear message that we value your safety and you should as well.”

Safety and intentional decisions are crucial during this historically busy weekend, Nguyen said.

“If you don’t have your basic needs met how are you going to have the best college experience if you’re worried about your safety,” he said. “No student should feel as though they can’t be safe in their own environment.”

Chico police dispatch received 1,616 calls for service over the four day Halloween weekend.

Police believe weather may have affected lower crime rates. Statistics accounted for students, local residents, minors, out-of-state and other college students.

The highest misdemeanor arrests and felony crimes were Oct. 30. Most minors in possession of alcohol citations were Oct. 29 and traffic citations were highest Oct. 28.

Halloween crime statistics

Chico Police Department crime comparison press release Photo credit: Chico Police Department

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