Photo credit: Jordan Rodrigues
Photo credit: Jordan Rodrigues

Election results: national, state and local

November 9, 2016

All the results from everything that was on the ballot for people registered in Chico. National and state results are compared with results in Butte County.

National and State Legislators

President: Donald Trump
Electoral College: 279 votes for Trump,228 for Clinton
Popular vote: 59,730,458 votes for Clinton, 59,512,483 votes for Trump
Butte County vote: 47.77% Trump, 42.75% Clinton

United States Senator: Kamala Harris
State vote: 63% Harris
Butte County vote: 59.35% Harris

U.S. Representative 1st District: Doug La Malfa
District vote: 59% La Malfa
Butte County vote: 51.55% La Malfa

State Assembly 3rd District: James Gallagher
Butte County vote: 56.74% Gallagher

State Propositions

Proposition 51- $9 Billion Bond for modernizing K-12, charter, vocational schools and community colleges: Yes
State vote: 54% yes
Butte County vote: 50.34% yes

Proposition 52 · Extends existing fee on hospitals to fund coverage for Medi-Cal, uninsured patients, and children’s health: Yes
State vote: 70% yes
Butte County vote: 68.92% yes

Proposition 53 · Requires statewide voter approval for bonds over $2 billion: No
State vote: 51% no
Butte County: 53.55% yes

Proposition 54 · Stops the legislature from passing any bill unless it’s published on the internet for 72 hours: Yes
State vote: 64% yes
Butte County vote: 66.68% yes

Proposition 55 · Extends income tax on earnings over $250,000 to fund schools and healthcare: Yes
State vote: 62% yes
Butte County vote: 58.75% yes

Proposition 56 · Increases taxes on tobacco and e-cigarettes to increase funding for health care for low-income Californians: Yes
State vote: 63% yes
Butte County vote: 50.78% yes

Proposition 57 · Allows parole consideration for nonviolent felons and allows juvenile court judges to decide whether juveniles will be prosecuted as adults: Yes
State vote: 64% yes
Butte County vote: 56.74% yes

Proposition 58 · Allows schools to establish non English-only education programs: Yes
State vote: 72% yes
Butte County vote: 68.46% yes

Proposition 59 · Recommends California propose an amendment to overturn Citizens United decision, which removed some limits for corporate and union campaign spending: Yes
State vote: 52% yes
Butte County vote: 50.32% yes

Proposition 60 · Requires adult film performers to use condoms when filming, and other health regulations: No
State vote: 54% no
Butte County vote: 62.13% no

Proposition 61 · Prohibits California from buying prescription drugs at a higher price than paid by the US Department of Veterans Affairs: No
State vote: 54% no
Butte County vote: 63.16% no

Proposition 62 · Repeals the death penalty and replaces it with life imprisonment without possibility of parole: No
State vote: 54% no
Butte County vote: 62% no

Proposition 63 · Requires background checks for purchasing ammunition and prohibits possession of large capacity magazines: Yes
State vote: 63% yes
Butte County vote: 57.63% no

Proposition 64 · Legalizes marijuana for use by adults 21 and over: Yes
State vote: 56% yes
Butte County vote: 51.94% yes

Proposition 65 · Requires plastic bag fees be directed toward specified environmental projects: No
State vote: 55% no
Butte County vote: 57.01% no

Proposition 66 · Changes procedures governing state court challenges to death sentences: Yes
State vote: 51% yes
Butte County vote: 54.78% yes

Proposition 67 · Bans single-use plastic and paper bags: Yes
State vote: 52% yes
Butte County vote: 52.05% no

Butte County

Measure L – Repeal previous marijuana regulations: 57.54% no

City of Chico

Measure P – Allow Chico City Council to make contracts with a newspapers : 65.81% yes

Measure O – Allows notices for public works on city website: 79.9% yes

Measure N – Changes City Council meeting time to 6 p.m. : 71.52% yes

Measure K – Authorizes Chico Unified School District to issue and sell $152 million in bonds: 68.91% yes

CARD Director: Michael Worley 45.54%

Chico City Council:
Sean Morgan: 13.12%
Ann Schwab: 12.78%
Randall Stone: 12.2%
Karl Ory: 11.81%

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