Drunk man arrested at University Village

Drunk man arrested at University Village

A man was arrested in the University Village parking lot Thursday afternoon after allegedly screaming obscenities and spitting on university maintenance staff.

At around 2:15 p.m., University Village resident Mariana Martinez said she was walking to her room when she saw the suspect struggling to jump over the rear fence of the apartment complex.

“He looked like he was having some difficulties,” the 18-year-old undeclared major said.

The suspect looked confused as he approached the parking lot nearest to the maintenance building, Martinez said.

The suspect began yelling at University Housing and Food Service maintenance staff, spitting on them, “laying on the street and trying to push up heavy equipment,” according to a University Police call log.

The suspect was intoxicated, wearing a camouflage hat, a white shirt, blue jeans and camouflage shoes, according to the call log.

The suspect may have also worn a gold chain on his chest, which he ripped off after arguing with maintenance staff, said 19-year-old psychology major Phil Wood.

“It was something else,” Wood said.

At 2:24 p.m., a maintenance worker called University Police. Officers responded within ten minutes of the incident and tried to detain the suspect.

The suspect was combative, according to the call log.

“He was spitting so much that they had to put a mask on him,” Wood said, saying that one officer’s hands were dripping with saliva.

The suspect was taken into University Police custody before being transferred to Butte County Jail, according to the call log.

The suspect hit his head on the cage inside the police car during transit, according to the call log.

The suspect is facing charges for resisting arrest and public intoxication.

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