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Animation Chico captivates with contest

Animation Chico Film Festival provides festival guides and pins to guests at the contestant check-in station. Photo credit: Grant Schmieding

Grant Schmieding

December 10, 2018

The lights darkened and the door shut. Spectators gazed forward at the bright screen in the small theater. Broken only by pangs of laughter and applause, the room felt still as each short film gave the audience a glimpse inside the mind of its creator. Animation Chico hosted its fourth annual Animation...

Animation Jam competition is a 24-hour test of skill and endurance

Sam, Nicole Martinez, Shannon Hanson, and Marissa Winslow create storyboards for their animation. Photo credit: Tara Killoran

Ulises Duenas

October 8, 2018

The annual Computer Animation and Game Development Animation Jam means different things to different students. For some, it's the toughest test for animation and storytelling that they're going to get. For others, it's an opportunity to show their prowess to companies like Pixar, Dreamworks and Cartoon Ne...

Miyazaki film showings bring awareness of anime to Chico

Chihiro and the spirit No-Face make a journey in

Natalie Hanson and Ulises Duenas

October 7, 2018

Got any plans for Halloween yet? If you're fresh out of ideas, since Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year, "Spirited Away" is playing at your local movie theater that night.If you haven't been to one of the special events by Fandango at the local multiplex, you may not be aware of their ongoing monthly...

‘Disenchantment’ can’t enchant its viewers

Elfo (left) Bean (middle) and Luci (right) prepare for combat. Image courtesy of IMDB.

Ulises Duenas

August 27, 2018

Matt Groening is back with a new show called "Disenchantment," an animated comedy set in a fantasy world. Although it has the distinct style that Groening's shows are known for, it lacks the charm and humor that "The Simpsons" and "Futurama" had. The show's main trio is made up of Bean, a princess that...

Alumnus light speeds into space in new stop-motion film

Josh Funk with the star of his next stop motion film, an as-of-now unnamed monster. Photo credit: Ernesto Rivera

Ernesto Rivera

May 6, 2014

Josh Funk creates monsters. But Funk doesn’t use nuts, bolts or a high voltage of electricity like Dr. Frankenstein, nor do his creatures come from a black lagoon. His monsters are made from wires, foam latex, clay and plastic. They come from something much darker than a lagoon — his imag...

Professor animated for ‘The Hobbit’ productions

Mark Pullyblank, film animation instructor, works on a rig for an animation with Devon Mc Mindes, a senior applied computer graphics student. Photo credit: Matthew Vacca

Risa Johnson

March 9, 2014

"Alright nerds, who's up!" shouts the instructor, the center of attention in the dark room. Crouched workers are huddled around brightly-lit screens in the dark room and the wheels can practically be seen turning in their heads. Their eyes scan rapidly and they feverishly click their mouses. It's just another day in film animation ...

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