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Playlist of the Week

Julia Maldonado // September 26, 2017

With midterms coming our way, it’s always nice to have a solid list of songs to help us get through the week. Whether it’s studying, getting that workout in or on your way to school, these...

Adeles stage in San Jose, California. Photo credit: Rylee Pedotti

Battle of the divas

Rylee Pedotti // December 16, 2016

2016 has been a year for the books, and with the announcement of the 2017 Grammy nominees, music's elite have confirmed this trend won't end as calendars turn. As expected, the night will showcase music's...

Photo courtesy of the official MTV Facebook page for the Video Music Awards.

What we learned from MTV’s Video Music Awards

Rylee Pedotti // August 31, 2016

The MTV Video Music Awards have a longstanding history of representing both the best and worst in music. More often than not, these moments offer artists a first class ticket to infamy and beyond. While...

Lemonade album cover. Promotional photo from Instagram.

Beyoncé plus ‘Lemonade’: A timeline

Cassandra Porter // May 10, 2016
Not a good day for people named Becky.
Photo credit: Madison Holmes

Feminism is my favorite F word

Emma Vidak-Benjamin // March 22, 2016
Today's college students need to grasp and accept what it truly means to be a feminist.
Image credit: Grant Garnsey.

Queen B doesn’t deserve to be dethroned

Emma Vidak-Benjamin // February 14, 2016
Beyoncé has recently received backlash for her music video that deserves much more respect and applause.
Illustration by Adriana Macias Photo credit: Adriana Macias

The “F” word: Feminism is necessary

Katelyn Martin // October 10, 2015
The necessity of feminism is highlighted by powerful female figures in the media.
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