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Recommended reading list for college bookworms

Recommended reading list for college bookworms

Jacqueline Morales

August 29, 2018

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As a college student, have you ever put off reading books for something more exciting? Or maybe you have not come upon a good read in a while and you're feeling nostalgic? Maybe you just need to restock your bookshelf. Whatever the reason may be, you are reading the right column. According to a...

‘The Girl on the Train’ review

‘The Girl on the Train’ review

George Johnston

August 24, 2015

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Rachel is a depressed alcoholic struggling to get over her ex-husband. Bored, suburban housewife Megan suffers from insomnia. And Anna lives in marital bliss with Rachel's ex. First-time author Paula Hawkins appropriates these characters as load-bearing walls for her new novel, "The Girl On The Train."Tol...

Good book hunting

Good book hunting

Megan Mann

March 10, 2015

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My mother and I have a confession to make: we're addicted to reading. We love that feeling of a smooth book cover in our hands as the smell of ink and dust wafts from the crinkly pages; our eyes and minds devour every last syllable. It's completely intoxicating. Which is why my mother's visits norma...

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