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6lack album review

Free 6lack album cover. Photo courtesy of Common Grounds.

Rachel Reyes

January 30, 2017

FREE 6LACK - 6lackRate: 3/5If you are a fan of Frank Ocean, The Weeknd or Bryson Tiller, then 6lack’s music will have no trouble fitting into your Spotify playlists. While artists were releasing new albums left to right, an unknown artist released a hit debut album that is slowly making its way ...

Study Break: Who is Bryson Tiller?

Bryson Tiller performing live. Photo credit: Michael Angulo.

December 18, 2015

Bryson Tiller is a new R&B singer who is clearly making a huge fan base for himself with his voice and lyrics. If Drake and The Weeknd had a singing baby, it would be Bryson Tiller. His hit single, "Don’t", caught everyone’s attention. With lyrics like “Pull up, skurt, get in the ride / Left hand is steering the other is gripping your thigh / light up a spliff and get high / Shorty you deserve what you’ve been missing."Tiller is on the rise to fame because of how relatable he is. His lyrics narrate a love story in which he finds himself trapped and that's why a lot of his au...

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Bryson Tiller