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We tasted the dining hall’s bug-infused food so you wouldn’t have to

Creamy Mac and Cheese topped with crispy baked mealworms. Photo credit: Emily Neria

Emily Neria

October 21, 2019

Bug protein is the secret to a sustainable future. The only thing holding us back is me, you and a nationwide aversion.I tried four dishes at Sutter Dining’s "Bug Night," and each, by all accounts, was perfectly delicious. Yet, not many students, myself included, jumped at the chance for seconds.It ...

Bug puts Flash Player users at risk

Users are encouraged to update their Adobe Flash Player following discovery of security risk. Visit:

Christine Lee

February 7, 2014

Mac and PC users are urged to immediately install an Adobe Flash update to protect themselves from hackers, according to a campus-wide email. Adobe software released a critical update for its Flash Player, according to the email sent Thursday. If users go to a site using an older Adobe Flash plug-in, their com...

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