The Orion

The resale fashion frenzy

A participant at the Boutique Crawl 2015 courtesy of Susan Reed, owner of Bootleg.

Anna Porretta

November 4, 2016

Our culture is wasteful. Our carbon footprints grow every year with each disposable water bottle, each new car and with each new pair of shoes.On Nov. 4, four resale boutiques will throw their 4th annual Boutique Crawl. The buy, sell, trade shops that will be participating are Bootleg, Three-Sixty Ecotique,...

People place too much value in possessions

Illustration by Rachel Dugo

Matt Murphy

September 16, 2014

I have to get the new iPhone. I don't technically need to get it. My current iPhone is less than a year old and still functions perfectly. There is no logical reason for me to get a new phone. Yet here I am, feeling convinced that my quality of life will be vastly improved if I have a new pho...

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