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Lake Oroville water level rises to the occasion

Courstey from creative commons via  wikipedia

Amelia Storm

March 10, 2016

With sensors recording almost 5 inches of rainfall, Lake Oroville reached peak water levels this week. After being effected severely by the drought, the lake rose more than 20 feet after 3 nights of consistent rainfall. The last time the lake was at this capacity was August 2013, when it was measured a...

Chico tightens water usage, runoff

Chico is working with the California Water Service Co. to cut back on runoff water from residential lawns and cement areas. Infograph by Monica Fitch

Robert Engels

September 9, 2014

Chico is working with the California Water Service Co. to reduce the amount of drainage water. This year, the State Water Resources Control Board approved emergency regulations to cut back on water usage. The most prominent issue in the Water Regulation and Rationing Plan is the attempt to lower the amo...

Internet challenge ignores awareness

Internet challenge ignores awareness

Megan Mann

August 24, 2014

"You have been challenged. You have 24 hours." We've all seen videos of celebrities on YouTube, dousing themselves with a bucket full of ice water in the name of spreading awareness and raising money for the ALS Association. Typically, people tagged to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge are given 24 ho...

Fish feces fuel sustainable food business

Zi Kuang, a business administration alumni, pulls a head of lettuce from an aquaponic grow bed. Photo credit: Christine Lee

Christine Lee

March 11, 2014

Two Chico State graduates are starting a sustainable food business using a combination of fish feces and age-old agricultural techniques. Zi Kuang and Kirill Obraztsov, two friends who graduated from Chico State with masters degrees in business administration, are using a production method called aquaponics to grow ve...

A conversation about conservation

Zachary Phillips

January 23, 2014

Unless you've been under a rock for the past few weeks, you've most likely heard that California is in a bit of a water crisis. According to the US Drought Monitor, about 99 percent of California is "abnormally dry" or worse. However, that statistic really doesn't do the drought justice as abou...

Farmers revive land from dry spell

Christine Lee

January 20, 2014

University Farm students and staff are combating the drought this season by digging up the farm’s groundwater earlier than expected to replenish the land.January typically brings in three inches of rain, however, the statewide average precipitation this year was just 0.10 inches, according to th...

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