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Chico shouldn’t support sanctuary cities

Photo credit: Nataly Serrano Garcia

Roberto Fonseca

March 15, 2017

Sanctuary cities have been a huge talking point since Donald Trump has been in office. President Trump signed an executive order that would cut federal funding from sanctuary cities. The recent vote by Chico to not become a sanctuary city sparked protests at the Chico City Plaza. We should not...

#DayWithoutImmigrants made no impact

A screenshot of the Twitter activity promoting #ADayWithoutImmigrants Photo credit: Roberto Fonseca

Roberto Fonseca

March 6, 2017

On Feb. 16, immigrants in the United States participated in a #DayWithoutImmigrants to demonstrate the importance of immigration and to protest the border wall that President Donald Trump plans to build.The strike called for immigrants to not go to work, to avoid spending money and to keep children ho...

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