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Cardio ‘Cat: Training through illness

Risa Johnson

December 1, 2013

It’s that time of year again, when the voices of professors are drowned out by our coughs, sniffles and sneezes. We try our best to make it to school, but where should we draw the line between working out and staying home? To each their own, but I don’t like missing consecutive days of the...

Cardio ‘Cat: Lessons learned from running a half-marathon

Photograph courtesy of Risa Johnson
Risa's half-marathon came with a surprise, but was extremely rewarding.

Risa Johnson

October 15, 2013

My first half-marathon was the most rewarding race I’ve ever finished, including 10k and 5k races. I have never had so much trouble walking after a race, but more importantly, I have never had so much support from friends, family and strangers ringing bells and waving signs along the way. Hopefully sharing my experience will make you want to join in ...

Cardio ‘Cat: Benefits of personal training

Risa Johnson

Risa Johnson

September 18, 2013

  Ten-hut! If you want an intense, almost militaristic motivator when you work out, then personal training may be for you. A friend who goes to Boot Camp sessions at the Wildcat Recreation Center recently  sold me on joining personal training. I tried CrossFit last year and inju...

Cardio ’Cat: Tips for toned abs

Risa Johnson

Risa Johnson

September 10, 2013

The small room on the second floor of the Wildcat Recreation Center, dedicated to free weights, is packed with young ladies as usual. I grab a mat and begin my ritual of abdominal exercises until I can’t lift my upper body anymore. A young woman doing sit-ups turns to me and said, “It’s just not fair, is it? Gu...

Cardio ‘Cat: Upbeat playlists improve workout

Risa Johnson

September 9, 2013

Music is an essential part of many people’s workouts. After doing some research, it turns out that a lot of experiments have shown that music increases performance while exercising. The right music can improve your mood and make you forget about your heavy breathing and dripping sweat while increasing...

Cardio ‘Cat: 5 ways to be healthy this fall

Risa Johnson

August 28, 2013

This summer I ran a 5,000 and a 10,000-meter race and went to the gym after work four to five days a week. I lost 10 pounds and gained speed and endurance every week. So I got to thinking: how the heck am I going to keep working out this much once school starts? I started jotting down some tips...

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