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Cardio ‘Cat: Training through illness

Risa Johnson // December 1, 2013
Being sick doesn't mean you have to miss a day at the gym
Photograph courtesy of Risa Johnson
Risas half-marathon came with a surprise, but was extremely rewarding.

Cardio ‘Cat: Lessons learned from running a half-marathon

Risa Johnson // October 15, 2013
My first half-marathon was the most rewarding race I’ve ever finished, including 10k and 5k races. I have never had so much trouble walking after a race, but more importantly, I have never had so much support from friends, family and strangers ringing bells and waving signs along the way. Hopefully sharing my experience will...
Risa Johnson

Cardio ‘Cat: Benefits of personal training

Risa Johnson // September 18, 2013
  Ten-hut! If you want an intense, almost militaristic motivator when you work out, then personal training may be for you. A friend who goes to Boot Camp sessions at the Wildcat Recreation Center recently  sold me on joining personal training. I tried CrossFit last year and injured myself lifting weights because I wasn’t getting...
Risa Johnson

Cardio ’Cat: Tips for toned abs

Risa Johnson // September 10, 2013
How to get a toned midsection.

Cardio ‘Cat: Upbeat playlists improve workout

Risa Johnson // September 9, 2013
Turn up the tunes to improve your workout.

Cardio ‘Cat: 5 ways to be healthy this fall

Risa Johnson // August 28, 2013

This summer I ran a 5,000 and a 10,000-meter race and went to the gym after work four to five days a week. I lost 10 pounds and gained speed and endurance every week. So I got to thinking: how the heck...

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