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Cesar Chavez day parties lack reverence

Yessenia Funes

April 1, 2014

The celebrations began Friday afternoon. As soon as students finished classes, cars began blasting the J.Rabbit remix to The Champs’ “Tequila” with passengers wearing sombreros. “Hmm, so this is a glimpse into Cesar Chavez Day,” I thought. I’ve heard of him before, but N...

Students commemorate Chavez with community service

Associated Students staff poses with David Villarino-Gonzalez, the keynote speaker at the Cats in the Community event. Photo credit: Amanda Hovik

Amanda Hovik

April 1, 2014

About 150 students spent Cesar Chavez Day cleaning up rather than adding to the weekend's mess of party revelry.These volunteers were a part of Associated Students' Cats in the Community service event, which honored the farm worker and civil rights activist. Jennifer Reyes, a first-year health administration major and intern for Community Ac...

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Cesar Chavez Day