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Feeney aims to fix safety problems

John Feeney, chief of University Police, has a detailed plan for the next year that he hopes will provide many positive changes for Chico State and the surrounding area. Photo credit: Jenelle Kapellas

Cheyanne Burens

October 11, 2015

John Feeney has already begun to leave his mark on campus in the passing months since July when he officially became chief of the University Police Department.The new chief has several areas of concern that he plans to address throughout the first year of his term.Positive campus community relationships with policeWith 29 years under his belt as c...

Sacramento State student-professor conflict questions education model

A Chico State professor incorporates an unconventional seating arrangement into his lesson plan on Monday. Photo credit: Alicia Brogden

Cheyanne Burens

October 10, 2015

Earlier in September, Chiitaanibah Johnson, a Native American student, claimed she was threatened to be expelled from a U.S. history course at Sacramento State for questioning her professor's refusal to consider the wipe out of Native Americans during European colonization as genocide. The idea ...

Pocket Points launches to more than 100 campuses

Kelsey Graham, turning on her Pocket Points app before class starts Monday night. Photo credit: Kiana Alvarez

Cheyanne Burens

September 27, 2015

After a year of continuous growth, the Chico-based application, Pocket Points, has expanded beyond national borders to universities in Vancouver and British Columbia. Along with reaching other countries, it also hit 100 major campuses within 65 U.S. cities and recently made its debut in the A...

Live story doubles as marketing hub

From left: Leanne Woods, Associated Students staff member, Vu Nguyen, executive VP of Associated Students and Michael Pratt, officer for Associated Students, watch the Chico State Snapchat story on Tuesday morning. Photo credit: Kiana Alvarez

Cheyanne Burens

September 19, 2015

Students have yet another social media platform they can use to share every aspect of their lives while also navigating the lives of their peers. Snapchat’s college-centric “Our Campus Story” feature arrived to Chico State just weeks ago and it has already made its mark on the campus.The...

Campus parking hassles students

Photo courtesy of Chico State

Cheyanne Burens

August 31, 2015

As the new semester returns in full swing, many students may run into a familiar problem— Where can I park my car hassle-free? Finding low cost parking in close proximity to classes is a typical problem among college campuses and surely applies to Chico State. However, the university works hard...

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Cheyanne Burens