The Orion

Abstract show shakes Blackbird Cafe with loud energy

Harsh R screams his lyrics throughout Blackbird on Tuesday. Photo credit: Daelin Wofford

Grant Schmieding

September 20, 2018

The tiny venue barely had any spots in its parking lot Tuesday night. Musicians dressed in all black, unloaded rugged tour buses full of equipment while locals made their way to the back door of Blackbird Café, contemplating what they would see tonight. Chico has a thriving population of local ...

Local artists perform unconventional show at Blackbird Cafe

John Underwood waking up The Blackbird in Chico with his eccentric set Tuesday.

Grant Schmieding

August 30, 2018

Abstract art, leather cuffs, bare feet, paint splatters, cheap beer, minimal seating, dim lighting and camaraderie accompanied soulful music Tuesday night as locals stagger around the backside of the tiny Blackbird Café. The atmosphere feels small, almost intimidating to an outsider. Stepping through...

Monstros rock show features raw, powerful performances

The Sorority and its vocalist Cliff Greenwood stole the show with their energetic, intense performance Friday at Monstros Pizza. Photo credit: John Domogma

Jake Hutchison

August 30, 2014

Instrument cables and sneakers raked across the sawdust covered floor of Monstros Pizza Friday night as local bands West by Swan and Metronaut were accompanied by Oakland's The Sorority.The scent of pizza filled the air as drums and amplifiers were positioned before the increasingly energetic crowd. ...

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