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Prop 56 saves our lungs

Photo credit: Kristina Judy

Sophia Robledo-Borowy

January 22, 2017

Growing up inhaling cigarette smoke on a daily basis definitely wasn’t a highlight of my childhood.With the recent passing of Proposition 56, there is hope for future generations to no longer be forced to endure the second-hand abuse to their lungs.This proposition increased the tax on tobacco in Ca...

I’m not a real smoker

Photo credit: Jordan Rodrigues

Julie Ramos

April 26, 2016

I’ve never considered myself a smoker. Whether I’m renting a hotel room for the weekend or filling out a questionnaire at the doctor’s office, I always choose non-smoker. I don’t purchase or bum cigarettes. Personally I think smoking cigarettes is a gross, unattractive and dange...

California’s tobacco measure will have negative results

Photo credit: Helen Suh

Sean Daly

March 29, 2016

From 2011-2012 in California, adults aged 18-24formed the lowest demographic of cigarette smokers except for adults aged 65 and over. They also had lower rates of smoking than the national average, which have both been steadily dropping recently. So why is our California legislature trying to restrict...

There is only one reason to not try psychedelics

Photo credit: Helen Suh

William Rein and Helen Suh

March 21, 2016

Babysitting people on psychedelics, or trip sitting, is never boring. When it’s kicked in it can be a bit like watching kids play in the toy structure at McDonald's. All you have to do is keep morale up. Despite psychedelics being such a safe and simple pastime, there’s a single reason wh...

California Health Collaborative’s program launch to help struggling smokers

Chico State has specific smoking areas on campus for students. Photo credit: Kiana Alvarez

December 15, 2015

Adult smokers in Butte County make up 22.8 percent of the population, one of the highest percentages out of all counties in California. Bruce Baldwin, California Health Collaborative cessation coordinator, hopes to lower that number with the launch of a new program, The Equity Project, designed to he...

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