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Halloween comics costume fest held at Collector’s Ink shop

Beverly Reifert is the co-owner of Collectors Ink. Photo credit: Daelin Wofford

Alex Coba and Daelin Wofford

October 29, 2018

Collector's Ink, a local family-owned comic book shop with over one million comic books in stock, celebrated its 30 years of being open for business with a Halloween comic fest.Patrons were encouraged to come in a Halloween costume. Those who did were treated to a free comic book.“It's a free comic boo...

Chico-Con in town

Guests dressed up as their favorite characters. Photo credit: Guillemo Felix-Alvor

Guillemo Felix-Alvor

August 28, 2017

Chico-Con event was held over the weekend at The Silver Dollar Fairgrounds.In its fourth year, the event brings vendors with comic books and comic themed merchandise, a panel discussion, and cosplay contests for fans and non-fans.Shane Will, the event organizer and comic creator, created Chico-Con to bring the com...

Reunited and it feels so good: ‘Star Wars’ is back in comic form

Photo courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

George Johnston

September 1, 2015

It was gone, lost like the Old Republic to the Empire. My love "Star Wars" left me. As a child, I loved the original trilogy. I even loved the prequels— but then I got older. The movies lost some of their charm, and all I was left with were fond memories of the films. Once Disney bought "Star Wars" from Lucasfilm, however, countless...

Comic nerd life gets expensive

Megan Mann

October 9, 2014

When it was announced that the "Merc with a Mouth" was going to be getting his own movie, I was so stoked. Deadpool has to be one of my favorite comic book characters of all time, regardless of the fact that I haven't read any of his full comics. That's right folks, this huge Marvel and DC fan has n...

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