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‘Trash talkers’ spread the word about change to composting efforts

Courtney Silver, second-year graduate biology major on the AS Sustainability Committee, emphasizes the fact that the

December 5, 2015

Since the change in composting at Chico State, students have been mobilized to talk trash across campus. But it's not the trash talk that first comes to mind, they're literally talking about trash.The so-called "trash talkers," or waste advisers, are student interns hired by the AS Sustainability Committee. Thei...

Senior Spotlight: Student won’t let environment go to waste

Mitch Hayes, a senior business project management major and managing for sustainability minor, has used his passion for nature to aid his five semesters of success in sustainability programs at Chico State. Photo credit: Malik Payton

Nicole Santos

February 26, 2015

Whether Mitchell Hayes is camping or enjoying his favorite local park, it's hard for him not to notice the pervasive presence of waste in the environment. "I notice myself upset and troubled when human waste impedes on my ability to appreciate the elegance of nature," Hayes said. "Being able to enjo...

AS sustainability fund reinstated

Janessa Mostow, assistant sustainability coordinator for the Associated Students Sustainability program. Photo credit: Lana Goddu

Lana Goddu

November 9, 2014

The Associated Students Sustainability Fund Allocation Committee was reinstated after being suspended in September when former A.S. sustainability coordinator Eli Goodsell resigned. The Sustainability Fund Allocation Committee will meet Nov. 12 to discuss when students will be able to submit their project p...

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