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‘Operation Absolute Zero’ adds good and bad to ‘Black Ops’

stay frosty (GET IT?)
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Ulises Duenas

December 22, 2018

Note: This review reflects solely on the new content added to the original "Black Ops 4" game.Treyarc has taken a page out of Ubisoft's book by making the first batch of DLC for "Black Ops 4" feel like a new season in the game's life cycle. "Operation Absolute Zero" adds a new controversial character as wel...

New ‘Spider-Man’ game content not living up to the hype

The cover of the Playstation game for Spider-Man

Alex Coba

November 30, 2018

Another month and another DLC package drop for the Spider-Man PlayStation 4 game, and along with it some more unmet expectations.Turf Wars is the second in the “The City That Never Sleeps” Spider-Man game trilogy's downloadable content (DLC). This DLC takes place after the events of the pr...

New content for ‘Spider-Man’ games leaves much to be desired

Black Cat and Spider-Man in the new PS4 game. Image from Playstation.

Alex Coba

October 28, 2018

So you collected all the backpacks, took pictures of all of the landmarks, tracked down all of the pigeons, painstakingly did all of the side missions and finally finished the game. Now what?Well, I'll tell you what, it’s DLC time."Spider-Man - The Heist” is the latest downloadable content (DLC) st...

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