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Two years later, questions about the Oroville Dam Spillway remain unanswered

Erosion damage on the bottom half of the Oroville Spillway prompted the Department of California Water Resources to reduce the outflow from the lake. Photo courtesy of the Department of California Water Resources.

Natalie Hanson

February 13, 2019

Historic Evacuation On the morning of Feb 12, two years ago, the Oroville Dam had been brimming with overflowing rainwater for days. The surrounding county of Butte and the residents of Oroville had been watching the levels threatening to flow over the top of the dam since Feb. 7, as the spillways releas...

Citizens demand safety assessment for Oroville Dam

Genoa Widener (left) hosting a petition signing outside the Oroville Walmart. Many people showed up to show their support including Vice Mayor of Oroville Janet Goodson (right), Feb. 4. Photo courtesy Genoa Widener.

Josh Cozine

February 14, 2018

A petition to get an independent agency to assess the safety of the Oroville dam has gathered over 3,000 signatures.The city of Oroville recently brought suit against The Department of Water Resources (DWR) after the spillway failure, but that only addresses part of the problem, says Oroville resident Ge...

Department of Water Resources block public reports on Oroville Dam

Board on Consultants release public information on Oroville Dam incident. Photo credit: Sean Martens

Jacqueline Morales

April 25, 2017

Requests of public information on the Oroville Dam incident have been released.Assemblyman James Gallagher and Senator Jim Nielsen, publicly announced their attempts to increase transparency in regards to the Oroville Dam incident. According to a public post on Facebook, Gallagher mentions that both co...

Oroville Dam caught in dilemma

Various dump trucks transport rock and other materials to quickly repair the eroded spillways. Photo credit: Cortneanne Campbell

Nicholas Feeley

February 21, 2017

  California’s reservoirs are caught in a conflict: water storage or flood prevention. “They are trying to keep the water as high as possible while still doing flood control,” Steven Mehl said, department chair of civil engineering. “It depends on how we want to operate our reservoirs,”...

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