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Coalition discusses diversity problems at Chico State

Professionals of Color Coalition president, Malcolm J. McLemore leads the group in discussion. Photo credit: Brittany Mcclintock

Brittany Mcclintock

February 1, 2015

Chico State’s Professionals of Color Coalition held a forum Wednesday, Jan. 28 to discuss the racism in America and what Chico Sate can do to make the campus more diverse and supportive. The forum started with the coalition's president Malcolm J. McLemore introducing the topic of the day and how they came to c...

Serve and protect, not neglect

Serve and protect, not neglect

Veronica De La Cruz

August 25, 2014

Police brutality is unacceptable at any time. From the images of the riots, to the sound of pain in the voices of those who have been affected, the Ferguson shooting has become an almost unavoidable conflict that our country needs to resolve. Unlike what the citizens in Ferguson, Missouri ...

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Ferguson shooting