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‘Loners’ aren’t always lonely

Student sits calmly alone. Photo credit: Dominique Wood

Brooke Martin

October 30, 2018

There’s a difference between being a ‘loner’ and being lonely.You’re at a restaurant with your friends. You see a girl sitting in the corner booth, mindlessly eating her sandwich while reading a torn-up book. She’s by herself with no friends in sight. You start to feel b...

Seven reasons why your friend might be the real snake

Young woman holding pet ball python at home
Getty images by: urbazon

Brooke Martin

October 10, 2018

Toxic friends come in many shapes and forms. Most of us, if not all of us, have had a friend that’s turned out to not be an actual friend. Snake venom is toxic, but friends shouldn’t be. Friends are supposed to build you up and make you a better person, but this is not always the case. It can be hard to let go because you two share so many happy memorie...

The friend zone: myth or fact?

Getty Images photo by JGI/ Jaime Grill

Rayanne Painter

September 10, 2018

We’ve all been there.We think somebody might have a romantic interest until something doesn’t feel right, we get bored or simply find somebody else. It’s awkward, feelings get hurt, but maybe we can stay friends?Talk to anybody who has been on the other side of this conversation and...

Top 5 hits out now

Top 5 hits out now

Jessica Carvajal Castillo

September 28, 2017

Songs to add to your playlist: "Slow Hands" - This song just reached number one in the U.S. Niall really changed up the tone that we are used to from One Direction by going solo. A lot of One Direction's song were of a faster pace and this is more laid back. In the first line of the song we get th...

Leave college, not friends

Photo credit: Grant Garnsey

Julie Ramos

March 12, 2016

For the last four years I have called Chico home. It was in Chico that I gained some of my best and most cherished memories. Whether it was choosing to live in the dorms to living downtown, or deciding to rush through Greek life, to the decision of going out or not, my Chico best friends have been by...

College camaraderie not always made to last past graduation

Illustration by Miles Huffman

Miles Inserra

May 4, 2015

I wonder if it will be out of sight, out of mind with friends I have made at Chico State. College students live life in transition, only settling down for months at a time before packing their bags again. I have had new neighbors and classmates every semester for the past three years. I re...

Love and friendships: A balancing act

Love and friendships: A balancing act

Sophia Xepoleas

April 6, 2015

I was head over heels in love. It was finally here, the moment I had been waiting for and never believed would arrive. I was completely enamored with this boy I could now call my own, and nothing else mattered. I spent every spare moment in his presence, and although we fought more than we got al...

Addiction bends good friends

Kevin Crittenden

May 11, 2014

There's nothing worse than watching, in slow motion, the wasting away of a close friend.People tend to choose company whose values closely match their own, but when a friend succumbs to the throes of addiction, it’s time to cut ties.Within the first several weeks of moving here, I had met most of the peo...

Losing TV show friends

Matt Murphy

April 7, 2014

I lost 5 friends on April 1st. Let me be more forthcoming. CBS' long-running sitcom "How I Met Your Mother" ended after nine seasons. I know it sounds weird but face it, everyone gets attached to TV shows and their characters. When a show is on for a long time, it's easy to end up experiencing ...

Friends form tighter bonds in college

Julianna Eveland

February 20, 2014

College is a unique time in life when making friends comes naturally. Having the ability pick and choose who to spend time with makes it less challenging to find the right group of people. Whereas in high school, a smaller setting, it feels more like a "making the best with what's around" type of situ...

Making new friends in class

Valerie Teegardin

January 29, 2014

Remember how easy it was to make friends in elementary school? If a classmate shared one of their Sour Patch Kids with you at recess, you were instantly best friends and life was good. Fast-forward to college. No matter if you're a freshman, senior or an older returning adult, making new friends in clas...

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