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Student sits calmly alone. Photo credit: Dominique Wood

‘Loners’ aren’t always lonely

Brooke Martin // October 30, 2018

There’s a difference between being a ‘loner’ and being lonely.You’re at a restaurant with your friends. You see a girl sitting in the corner booth, mindlessly eating her sandwich...

Seven reasons why your friend might be the real snake

Brooke Martin // October 10, 2018

Toxic friends come in many shapes and forms. Most of us, if not all of us, have had a friend that’s turned out to not be an actual friend. Snake venom is toxic, but friends shouldn’t be. Friends...

The friend zone: myth or fact?

Rayanne Painter // September 10, 2018

We’ve all been there.We think somebody might have a romantic interest until something doesn’t feel right, we get bored or simply find somebody else. It’s awkward, feelings get hurt, but...

Top 5 hits out now

Top 5 hits out now

Jessica Carvajal Castillo // September 28, 2017

Songs to add to your playlist: "Slow Hands" - This song just reached number one in the U.S. Niall really changed up the tone that we are used to from One Direction by going solo. A lot of One Direction's...

Photo credit: Grant Garnsey

Leave college, not friends

Julie Ramos // March 12, 2016
The depressing possibility of losing friends after graduation.
Illustration by Miles Huffman

College camaraderie not always made to last past graduation

Miles Inserra // May 4, 2015
Maintaining friendships is easy in Chico, but so many best friends will not live within a five-block radius forever.
Love and friendships: A balancing act

Love and friendships: A balancing act

Sophia Xepoleas // April 6, 2015
Maintaining balance while in a relationship can be tricky, but making the effort to keep your friends close is crucial for overall happiness.

Addiction bends good friends

Kevin Crittenden // May 11, 2014
Doing the right thing can mean turning away from a friend in addiction.

Losing TV show friends

Matt Murphy // April 7, 2014
When a long-running TV show ends, it feels like you've lost friends.

Friends form tighter bonds in college

Julianna Eveland // February 20, 2014
Circles of friends in college are decidedly different from those from high school.

Making new friends in class

Valerie Teegardin // January 29, 2014
How to expand your circle of friends this semester
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