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Students express concerns over virtual commencement

Some students don't believe the virtual commencement is enough of a celebration.

Elijah Ewing, Staff Writer

May 7, 2020

As the virtual commencement ceremony for Class of 2020 nears, students have expressed concerns over the event.  The commencement, which will be held on May 15, will be an online celebration of the Class of 2020 graduates. These grads have been asked to personalize a Marching Order slide that wi...

Chico State update: Rest of semester online, dorms closing

Chico State update: Rest of semester online, dorms closing

Grayson Edgemon, Staff Writer

March 18, 2020

Due to the growing concern of Coronavirus (COVID-19), Chico State announced in an email that no in-person classes will be held for the rest of the semester, including labs, studio or field-based classes, as well as final exams. Facilities such as the Meriam Library and the Wildcat Recreation Center will be clos...

Photo of the day

Graduation is around the corner and graduating senior Savannah McGhghy throws her cap in the air in front of Kendall Hall. Photo credit: Kate Angeles

Kate Angeles

May 16, 2018

Graduation is around the corner and graduating senior Savannah McGhghy throws her cap in the air in front of Kendall Hall.

A day in the life of a graduating senior at Chico State

Josiah Nicholl

May 14, 2018

From dead week, finals and preparing summer plans, May is a month where everything from the semester comes to an end.For seniors like Megan Nash, a liberal studies major, and Juan Sanchez, a political science major, their Chico State experience will come to a close with graduation.“I just want to gra...

Billed to the very end

Photo credit: Jaime Munoz

Kendall George

May 2, 2018

This time of year brings a lot of celebration. whether it be graduation, a superior grade in a hard class or just relief over the end of semester classes, most people have something to be excited for. However, at the end of spring semester, especially for graduating seniors, this season of celebratio...

Letters to: People freaking out about finals

Photo credit: Briana Mcdaniel

Danielle Cortes

May 2, 2018

Dear Wildcats, We are two weeks away from the most dreaded week of the semester: Finals week. Good news, that means the year is almost over and summer is just around the corner. But it also means you have to finally start getting ready for finals. Be proactive about preparing for your exams,...

How to graduate from Chico State without a hitch

Photo credit: Diego Ramirez

Karen Limones

April 19, 2018

Graduating is a very exciting time for seniors but can be nerve-wracking. As students are preparing for this, they must manage to complete their last semester and apply for graduation. This can result in students being overwhelmed with so many responsibilities to take care of.Seniors are not only stre...

College stress never ends

Photo credit: Diego Ramirez

Nicte Hernandez

April 17, 2018

Many Wildcats are coming to the end of an incomparable time in their lives. The undergraduate experience is different for everyone but there is no doubt that these are years we will forever cherish and look back to when we move to the start of our careers.The college experience is unique in the fact ...

Tuition increase raises $2.9 million

Tuition takes a five percent increase. Photo credit: Christian Solis

Christian Solis

October 8, 2017

The recent tuition bump of five percent has raised $2.9 million to spend on increasing four-year graduation rates at Chico State.The Graduation Initiative 2025 comes from the CSU Chancellors Office and aims to increase four-year graduation rates across all CSU campuses. Efforts to implement the GI 2025 ...

What has the Graduation Initiative done?

Chico State 2025 Graduation Initiative Photo credit: Daniel Wright

Daniel Wright

May 17, 2017

Chico State’s 2025 Graduation Initiative struggled in its first year, due to lack of funding. The 2025 initiative was created in 2015 by CSU Chancellor, Tim White, in an effort to ambitiously raise graduation rates. The CSU fiscal year begins in July, but Chico State did not receive the money ...

Graduation breaks up students

Photo credit: Katia Berg

Marrion Charissa Cruz

May 16, 2017

With graduation approaching for Chico State seniors, figuring out whether to break up or stay together after college is the tough decision couples need to make. Most people choose not to stay in Chico to return back home or find a steady job somewhere else. This can create conflict if a person's partner...

Chico State graduation numbers for this spring

Chico State 127th Commencement Graduates Photo credit: Daniel Wright

Daniel Wright

May 15, 2017

This spring, Chico State is getting ready to graduate over 3,000 students.This commencement will be the 127th for Chico State and will begin May 17 and end the 21.Daniel Wright can be reached at [email protected] or @Danny_W_Chico on Twitter.

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