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Candidates fight for health care for all

California State Senate, 4th District: Phillip Kim (D), California State Assembly, 3rd District: Sonia Aery (D), California State Assembly, 3rd District: James Gallagher (R), moderator Mike Wiltermood California Congress: 1st District: Audrey Denney (D), California State Assembly, 1st District: Caleen Sisk (D) Photo credit: Dan Christian

Dan Christian

October 13, 2018

In anticipation of the upcoming General Election on Nov. 6, the Chico Guild Hall, formally the Chico Grange, was host to a candidate forum on health care held Wednesday by the Butte County Health Care Coalition. It was standing room only as concerned citizens gathered to hear what the candidates had to say ...

Anthem security hack exposes data of 80 million

Anthem security hack exposes data of 80 million

Jenice Tupolo

February 27, 2015

Health care insurer Anthem Blue Cross revealed in early February that its security systems were breached and data on up to 80 million people was stolen. The data stolen includes information on both current and former customers. Anthem customer information taken during the theft includes: names, soc...

Doctors should consider drug alternatives

Veronica De La Cruz

September 7, 2014

Four days before my 20th birthday, and I got to spend it in the emergency room. About 700,000 people have their gallbladders removed each year, according to Everyday Health. However, many don't get to hear the stories of the people that deal with post-surgery complications.After surgeons introduced laparo...

Family planning program cuts benefits

Maria Martinez, administrative support assistant at the Student Health Center, enrolls students in FamilyPACT, a program that assists students with covering medical expenses.Photo credit: Christine Lee

Christine Lee

February 17, 2014

FamilyPACT is changing how mammograms and pregnancy tests are billed to Chico State students. Family Planning, Access, Care and Treatment is a Medi-Cal program that assists men and women of childbearing age with covering reproductive health care expenses. Students don’t have to cover their copay or pay out of their own pockets with the program. Students who are u...

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