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The O-Face: Beware of hickeys

The O-Face: Beware of hickeys

Emma Vidak-Benjamin

August 30, 2015

You wake up the next morning and make your way to the bathroom, peeping at yourself in the mirror when you see those big, dark bruises staring back at you from your neck. That’s right, I’m talking hickeys— the unfortunate and dark (pun intended) side of hooking up. Receiving hickeys ...

The O-Face: How to get rid of hickeys

Chantal Richards

December 17, 2013

It’s sensual as your partner kisses your neck the night before, but what you realize early in the morning as you get ready to start the day, is a huge atrocity sitting right in everyone's view. Don't stress. Here are five ways to get rid of the pesky hickey and avoid all of those questions about who you...

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