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Addiction bends good friends

Kevin Crittenden // May 11, 2014

There's nothing worse than watching, in slow motion, the wasting away of a close friend.People tend to choose company whose values closely match their own, but when a friend succumbs to the throes of addiction,...

Friends in low places offer life lessons

Kevin Crittenden // May 3, 2014

A few years ago, when I was going to Sonoma State, I had a friend who drank too much.In the two years which I knew him, Danny Smith, whose name I’ve changed here, was arrested three times for public...

Bottle ban should follow bag ban

Kevin Crittenden // April 28, 2014

A city-wide plastic bag ban will soon be put into effect. Local shoppers will have to alter their habits slightly, or pay a small fee per bag.If this town is serious about being sustainable, such a miniscule...

Kevin Crittenden

Supreme Court creates billionaire’s democracy

Kevin Crittenden // April 20, 2014

A tiny slice of Americans just tightened their stranglehold on our crippled democracy.Earlier this month, a landmark ruling in the Supreme Court paved the way for private dollars to tip the scales of...

Music is taken for granted

Kevin Crittenden // April 13, 2014

I own hundreds of dollars in stolen music.But I didn’t just download my collection— I stole it the old fashioned way.Starting in the fourth grade I developed a method of taking CDs from stores...

Kevin Crittenden

Psychedelics offer prescription value

Kevin Crittenden // April 8, 2014

Psychedelics are on the way into the arsenal of pills psychiatrists use to quell restless minds.MDMA and LSD are being used in research studies to determine their effectiveness in relieving mental disorders...

Life is rough for lefties

April 6, 2014

I broke my hand once. I had been riding a mountain bike and I squeezed hard on the front brake. After I went head over heals I found myself flat on my ass looking at three fingers bent askew.I got a...

Kevin Crittenden

Shedding light on death in America

Kevin Crittenden // March 31, 2014

Death in America has become nearly invisible. There was a time when it happened at home, in front of everyone. Now dead and dying bodies are stuffed away in retirement homes, mortuaries and hospitals.Accident...

Kevin Crittenden

Purposeful pursuit of happiness

Kevin Crittenden // March 26, 2014

  Among the unalienable rights mentioned in the Declaration of Independence, the pursuit of happiness always stuck in my mind like a song I couldn’t shake. Although the political context in...

Eye on tech: the evolution of watches

Kevin Crittenden // March 25, 2014

Nobody who owns a cell phone needs a watch.So why are they still around? What is the story of watches?Dangling from the pocket by a gold chain, early watches were unreliable devices for time telling but...

Kevin Crittenden

Celebrating cycle-friendly Chico streets

Kevin Crittenden // March 21, 2014

Whether darting between pedestrians and cars in downtown or dodging boulders and trees in rugged upper Bidwell Park, there's no substitute for the feeling of biking.There are few cities in the United States...

Kevin Crittenden

Modern-day mealtime is changing

Kevin Crittenden // March 9, 2014

  Food is big business. With unfathomable profits to be gained, corporations closely study how and what we eat. Remember Go-Gurt? The tubed yogurt of middle school days is a prime example...

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