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Addiction bends good friends

Kevin Crittenden // May 11, 2014
Doing the right thing can mean turning away from a friend in addiction.

Friends in low places offer life lessons

Kevin Crittenden // May 3, 2014
Some thoughts about learning from the pitfalls of others

Bottle ban should follow bag ban

Kevin Crittenden // April 28, 2014
Plastic bottles should be replaced by clean filtered H2O stations.
Kevin Crittenden

Supreme Court creates billionaire’s democracy

Kevin Crittenden // April 20, 2014
People who flinch at the idea of dropping millions on a game of political roulette don't make it to the table at all.

Music is taken for granted

Kevin Crittenden // April 13, 2014
The internet has changed the way we think of music.
Kevin Crittenden

Psychedelics offer prescription value

Kevin Crittenden // April 8, 2014
Party drugs are being tested for mental health gains.

Life is rough for lefties

April 6, 2014
The mystery of handedness remains unsolved.
Kevin Crittenden

Shedding light on death in America

Kevin Crittenden // March 31, 2014
The modern condition conceals the natural ending of life.
Kevin Crittenden

Purposeful pursuit of happiness

Kevin Crittenden // March 26, 2014
Everyone seems to be chasing the big happy as if it were a trophy animal to be stalked, killed and mounted on the wall.

Eye on tech: the evolution of watches

Kevin Crittenden // March 25, 2014
A brief history of watches from the perspective of a digital native.
Kevin Crittenden

Celebrating cycle-friendly Chico streets

Kevin Crittenden // March 21, 2014
Chico is an ideal biking town, from treacherous Upper Bidwell Park to smooth asphalt on scenic routes.
Kevin Crittenden

Modern-day mealtime is changing

Kevin Crittenden // March 9, 2014
Busy schedules, snack food and technology have changed how people eat.
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