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Q&A: Ze Treasure Troll on decorative concrete, not living under bridges

When she ins't bogged down by technology and finances, Ze Treasure Troll creates art. Photo Credit: Kirsten Springer

Trevor Whitney

February 27, 2015

Like most people, it has taken Chico State super-senior and concrete technology major Kirsten Springer, aka Ze Treasure Troll, some time to discover herself. Now that she has, her path to a successful future is practically set in stone. Of all the aliases available, why Ze Treasure Troll? And i...

Media mixer features local artists of all trades under one roof

Heather Bennett, owner of Candy Cougar Art, displaying her unconventional painting style during the monthly Mixed Media Mixer Review at the 1078 gallery. Photo credit: Chelsea Jeffers

Jake Hutchison

November 5, 2014

[metaslider id=37807] Photographs by Chelsea Jeffers. Sculptures, vinyl records and the mild smell of grape juice drew passing crowds of Chico residents and local artists into 1078 Gallery Sunday night. The Mixed Media Mixer, which just made its local debut, is a free event that will take place ...

Humans of Chico State: Students reflect on their childhoods

Victoria Davila, junior, applied computer graphics major. Photo credit: Ernesto Rivera

Ernesto Rivera

September 12, 2014

"My main goal was to be a veterinarian and one day my friend saw me drawing and said, 'You're more of an art major than a veterinarian,' and I kind of thought, 'Yeah, I like that.' My parents didn't like it ... eventually they accepted it."What do you think made them change their mind?"I told them I was going ...

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