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Engineering student starts laser-cutting business venture from the ground up

Aaron Bursten created TOKA Branding, a laser-cutting business Photo credit: Sean Martens

Alejandra Solorio

November 15, 2017

It wasn't in his nature to sit back and allow things to just happen for him. As the hands-on child he was, taking things apart and reassembling them just made sense. College didn't seem like it fit in the cards until he saw the freedom and opportunities it opened. Part-time sustainable manufacturing...

A collaborative new approach to creation

A 3-D Printer turns digital designs into three dimensional shapes, like an iPhone case.Photo credit: Subina Khan

Subina Khan

January 23, 2014

The Idea Fabrication Laboratory is keeping original art alive in its own unique way by granting students and members of the Chico community the opportunity to use amazing tools to create cutting edge art. Located at 603 Orange St. — a mere four blocks away from the Chico State campus, the 6,900-s...

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