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Police, students respond to sexual harassment in Meriam Library

Meriam Library at Chico State.

Angelina Mendez

February 26, 2020

The University Police Department is currently requesting charges and building a case against the suspect that was allegedly involved in a sexual harassment incident that occured on Feb. 14 at the Meriam Library.  During the incident, a student reported to the library that there was an adult m...

Photo of the day

Dead week has Chico State students getting together at the Meriam Library to study for finals Photo credit: Kate Angeles

Kate Angeles

May 7, 2018

Dead week has Chico State students getting together at Meriam Library to study for finals

Petition to extend library hours

Students studying on the second floor of the library. Photo credit: Kayla Fitzgerald

Kayla Fitzgerald

October 26, 2016

Students are petitioning to extend recently reduced Meriam library hours. As previously reported on by The Orion, the library's hours were cut and the money saved would go toward IT services. New hours include: · Sunday: First floor opens at 10 a.m., All floors open from noon to 11:45 p.m. ·...

Students suffer from library hour cuts

Alex Horne

September 8, 2016

At the beginning of the semester Chico State's Meriam Library announced that the administration had cut the operating hours. The latest the library will be open is 11:45 p.m. Those hours will be valid Monday through Thursday. Saturday's saw the most dramatic change with the new hours ranging from no...

Coffee shop offers delivery during finals frenzy

Tapingo workers will be delivering coffee to students in the library before finals week. Photo credit: Daisy Dardon

Daisy Dardon

December 14, 2014

Chico State's coffee shop, Common Grounds, is now offering delivery services to the library up until Dec. 18."We're working with Tapingo to do delivery to the library," said Suzi Kritikos, coffee shop supervisor. "We're delivering coffee drinks, but we're also delivering sandwiches and other stuff that we...

Library Etiquette 101

Veronica De La Cruz

December 14, 2014

Finals are coming up, so that means huge crowds of people trying to find spots to study at the library. I usually have long breaks during my schedule, so I can easily say that I spend the majority of my time there already. With that being said, there's nothing more annoying than being in the library dur...

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