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NAV’s new album as boring as expected

Nav's second album

Mitchell Kret

March 29, 2019

NAV released his second studio album “Bad Habits” through The Weeknd’s XO label. I could stop the article here because the album is so mundane that there's nothing that could change anyone’s mind about the artist. If someone enjoys the monotony of every other NAV project, they wi...

New Juice WRLD album shows development but drags on

Juice WRLD's new solo album is an improvement on the first, but still needs some refining. Photo credit: Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Mitchell Kret

March 13, 2019

Trap crooner Juice WRLD dropped his second studio album on March 8, which shows some significant growth from the artist, in both good and bad ways. "Death Race for Love" shows development in Juice WRLD’s style and ability, however, it is over 70 minutes which makes the 22-song tracklist reminiscent of...

‘Rap or Go to the League’ shows 2 Chainz’s maturity and growth

2 Chainz publicizes his album by displying it on a blimp Photo credit: Joe Moore Productions

Mitchell Kret

March 6, 2019

2 Chainz released his fifth studio album “Rap or Go to the League,” in which he raps about the parallels and differences of his life as a rapper and his life before his fame and success on the streets of Atlanta. It was released March 1 and spearheads 2 Chainz push to make more meaningful mu...

No nostalgia found in “Rainbow”

No nostalgia found in

Jafet Serrato

August 22, 2017

Kesha's first album "Rainbow," in over five years came out August 11, amid allegations of sexual assault from Dr. Luke.The last time Kesha fans heard her vocals was in 2012-2013, with hits like "Die Young," and "Timber," featuring Latino sensation Pitbull.This album feels more country and folk than her usual sound, which makes fans miss...

Alicia Keys’ ‘HERE’ discusses race, music, gender, politics and more

Alicia Keys'

Rylee Pedotti

November 14, 2016

Alicia Keys has long been revered for her vocal prowess and soulful awareness. In a time where artists are using candid self-reflection to deliver honest and forthcoming projects, Alicia Keys delivers with her most recent release. In a statement to fans posted to her website, Keys confesses that HERE aligns with this trend of transparency, "On this al...

Kanye West does it again with new album

The album cover of

Cassandra Porter

April 15, 2016

Kanye West’s new album, “The Life of Pablo,” made a monumental debut on the Billboard 200 chart ranking No. 1 within the first week of its release. On Feb. 13, the album was initially released only on Tidal music streaming service, breaking piracy records with over 500,000 illegal downloads in...

Coldplay’s new album parachutes into the unfamiliar

Album art for

December 16, 2015

"A Head Full of Dreams" is a great album capable of captivating many audiences. Coldplay shows their ability to step into elements of genres such as world music, soul, electronic and jazz while still maintaining the underlying alternative rock sound that they have always been known for.Even though their debut a...

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