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Pole vaulter for Chico State’s track team looks to the future

Chico State pole vaulter Lance Huber hopes to make the 2024 Olympics. Photo courtesy of Lance Huber

Andrew Baumgartner

February 25, 2018

Lance Huber is only a freshman on Chico State's track team, but he has his eyes set on getting to the Olympics in the future. Huber is a business major and a pole vaulter for the track and field team at Chico State and is from Loomis, California. "I want to make it to nationals, make podium in...

Women’s Rugby team surpasses Division II

During a game opener, the women's rugby team battles for the ball. Photo credit: Makayla Hopkins

Cydney Nance

November 6, 2016

While rugby is still a fairly unknown sport it is the only Division I sport that is affiliated with Chico State.Rugby has not been an Olympic sport since 1924, but because of its recent induction into the 2016 Olympics, it has put the sport on the map.The Chico State team begins its season in Januar...

USA grabs gold, Rio police grab Lochte

Ryan Lochte after the men's 4x200m race. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

Jordan Jarrell

August 26, 2016

During the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the USA swim team succeeded in representing the country with outstanding individual performances and record breaking accomplishments. Both the men and women’s teams tallied 16 gold medals, eight silver medals and nine bronze medals. Spearheading...

Wildcat decathletes dash against world-class competition

John Brunk, Theodore Elsenbaumer and J Patrick Smith compete alongside Olympic medalist Ashton Eaton. Photo courtesy of Kevin Brunk.

Emerson Keenan

April 21, 2014

It’s not every day that an opportunity to compete against the Michael Jordan of your sport arises. For three Chico State decathletes, the chance arose for a few heats at the Sam Adams Combined Events Invitational decathlon in Santa Barbara. Senior decathletes J Patrick Smith, Theodore Elsenbaumer and John Brunk had the rare opportunity to compete with Ashton Eaton...

Readers, Digest: Sochi salmon with sweet, salty Olympic rings

Morsels arranged like Olympic rings satisfy salty and sweet cravings of sports fans watching the 2014 Winter Games.Photo credit: Christina Saschin

Christina Saschin

February 4, 2014

The Olympics are among my favorite events to watch on television. I am inspired by the athletes and the amount of time they spend training to reach their level and skill. Smoked salmon appetizers and snacks arranged in the shape of the Olympic rings are perfect for an opening ceremony viewing party.Although sm...

Racing to the 2016 Olympic trials

Kara Lubieniecki and Alia Gray running in the Payton Jordan Invitational 10k. Photo credit: Gary Towne

Greg Silvia

January 28, 2014

Two Wildcat alumni will be heading to the 2016 Olympic marathon trials after they scored top-10 finishes at the USA half marathon trials. Alia Gray and Kara Lubieniecki, teammates and best friends since meeting in 2007 on the Chico State campus, finished ninth and 10th respectively, at the Chevron...

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