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Steroids continue to have a negative impact on professional sports

Home run king Barry Bonds had his legacy shattered when he was accused of steroid use. Getty Images photo by Jon Soohoo.

Connor Mcpherson

September 24, 2018

In any given competition there are people who look for the easy way out in order to win. In poker, players will try to count cards. In video games, people will look at their opponent’s screen. And in sports, athletes use performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs), including steroids, to get an advantage. In...

Why are steroid users still being left out of the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Barry Bonds in an at bat against the Los Angeles Dodgers.
Image Credit: Kirby lee, Photo Courtesy: Getty Images

Austin Schreiber

February 22, 2018

Although many people feel that steroid users are cheaters who don't deserve awards, I believe that outstanding players should still be allowed in the Hall of Fame. Let me tell you why.Only four players were inducted to the Baseball Hall of Fame this year: Chipper Jones (97.2 percent of votes), Vladimir Guerrero (92.9 perc...

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