The Orion

Coachella is not worth it

Photo credit: Grant Garnsey

Sam Rios

April 6, 2016

Coachella kicks off April 15 in Indio, California, and the stress of not being able to attend this music-powered, euphoric drug-fest starts to set in. It may seem as though not going to Coachella is the end of all experience, but Coachella isn’t really that great anyways. Here’s how it goes. Fi...

Student will walk 500 miles through Europe

Ashley Dominici, a first-year liberal studies major, prepares for 500-mile trip through Europe. Photo credit: Emily Teague

Amanda Hovik

March 9, 2014

Ashley Dominici, a first-year liberal studies major, said her decision to go on a 500-mile pilgrimage was easy. The Orion sat down with her to talk about how and why she is preparing for the trek.   The Orion: How did this idea come about?   Dominici: My sophomore year of high school in Spanish class, we watched a movie ca...

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