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Tuition increase for upcoming school year no longer being considered


Josh Cozine

April 20, 2018

Students are off the hook to the tune of $228 for the next academic year. In what many at Chico State are calling a welcome turn of events, it was announced Friday morning by the chancellor of the CSU system that proposed tuition increases for the next academic year are no longer being considered. Two...

Administrators present proposed fall tuition increase

A timeline of events for students to attend for information. Presentations are designed to inform students about the proposed tuition fee adjustments, and will take place from 2/23 until 3/9. Photo credit: Natalie Hanson

Josh Cozine

February 21, 2018

Chico State faculty, administration and student government met and discussed rising fees in a meeting open to all students Monday. The proposed fee adjustment, which will total $190 per semester, was broken into three categories from highest to lowest: Student Health Services ($99), athletics ...

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Proposed Student Fee Adjustment Fall 2018