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College students and pets don’t mix

Getty Image photo by Dan Brandenburg

Rayanne Painter

September 10, 2018

With cute pet videos constantly going viral over Facebook and Twitter, it’s safe to say that animals of all form are pretty adorable. They’re quirky, sometimes fluffy and often times can be a best friend. What’s not to love? But, being an adult in college brings a lot of responsibilities. Homework,...

Adulting and figuring it all out

Photo credit: Jessica Johnson

Sophia Robledo-Borowy

February 15, 2017

After successfully completing 18 years of existence since emerging from the womb, you are now a legally an adult.You can legally get married, vote, get a tattoo and make various other life-changing decisions all by yourself. Abandoning all familiarities from the comfort of your childhood bedroom and immersing i...

Making excuses marks lack of maturity

Kristina Martinez

Kristina Martinez

March 11, 2014

College is a great time to grow, learn and overcome bad habits and tendencies, like making excuses. It is often easier to think of ways to explain an action than to just admit that it was wrong. People tend to think that all of their actions, even the bad ones, can somehow be justified. Responsibility comes ...

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