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Salmon population continues to decline

Jason Roberts, senior environmental science supervisor for California Department of Fish and Wildlife, reported that the salmon population has further decreased in the past year. Photo courtesy of Jason Roberts.

December 14, 2015

The salmon population has continued to decline in the Sacramento River because of depleting water levels and increasing temperatures. This is after nearly 95 percent of the Winter Run Chinook salmon died in 2014 due to the drought. “This year they’re estimating that 25 percent less fish than last yea...

Salmon population in the Sacramento River nearly wiped out by warm water

The Sacramento River is home to the Chinook salmon, which have been dying in the heat waves as a result of the drought. Photo credit: Austin Herbaugh

Austin Herbaugh

September 12, 2015

The water in the Sacramento River was noticeably cooler this past Labor Day weekend. Even though it was only a few degrees colder than last year, it can mean life or death for the salmon population.Last year, nearly 95 percent of the Chinook salmon in the Sacramento River died because the water got too warm acc...

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Sacramento River Temperature Management Plan