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‘South Park’ leaves fans wanting more

Grant Schmieding

September 29, 2018

Assault rifles, “Black Panther” and menstrual cycles—an interesting formula for "South Park’s" season-22 premiere episode, “Dead Kids.” Comedy Central aired the episode at 10 p.m. Thursday. Trey Parker and Matt Stone carry a well-earned reputation for unapologetically mocking t...

Too much true crime

Photo credit: Helen Suh

Alex Horne

February 19, 2016

Finally comfortable, you close your eyes in your soft warm bed and begin to drift asleep. Then your eyes open. You remember you just finished watching "Dateline."Quickly arising, you check every window and door and close all the blinds. You would nail wood over every door but you don’t have wood or na...

NFL steeped in scandals as Goodell flounders

Assistant sports editor Kevin Lucena. Photo credit: Trevor Ryan

Kevin Lucena

February 6, 2015

You know what really sucks. That was a great Super Bowl and a great end to the football season. In the aftermath of the game, fans were questioning Pete Carroll's decision to throw the ball, which resulted in a last-second interception by the Patriots. The play took the focus off the NFL's troubl...

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